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General Guidelines and Etiquette For Give Love A Second Chance

How should I behave when using the Give Love A Second Chance Website?

Please use good manners and common courtesy an avoid being rude or aggressive in any form, as this will not be tolerated. As dating is a very personal matter you should be treated with respect. While there are many different concepts of what respect entails at Give Love A Second Chance we provide you with the following guidelines to help you be your best on our website.

When registering with Give Love A Second Chance please ensure you use your first name as part of your registration so that other members on our site can send you a personalized message. User profiles with usernames that contain profanity, offensive statements or concepts that are contrary to the law will not be accepted. You may not register multiple accounts on our site.

When adding photos of yourself to the Give Love A Second Chance website then please ensure that you provide pictures clearly showing yourself and who you are. Any use of nude or pornographic images and images of a physical or sexual violence is absolutely and strictly prohibited. Also, any use of racist or intentionally offensive pictures is also prohibited as are logos and advertising. The breaking of any of these rules will see your account deactivated and possibly stronger action taken against you.

When you are ready to send messages to other Give Love A Second Chance website members then the style of writing you use ion your communication with that person is very important and can often reveals a lot about who you are. Please try and think about the impression your words will have on the other person and please being aware of the following points:

a) Avoid using “mass messaging”. Take the time to write individual emails to you’re the people you wish to meet.

b) Make sure you spell check all your emails as spelling errors always look bad. Also, please avoid overuse of emojis, such as smiley’s. Also don’t use CAPITAL LETTERS as this is equivalent at yelling something at the person.

c) Don’t use vulgar or offensive words when messaging a partner as this is forbidden and this may see your account disabled if we receive complaints about this.

Please do not forget that while you are writing on a keyboard and computer, your recipient is human. Anonymity can adversely affect some people, so please don’t lash out or attempt to hurt the feelings of other users by being rude or curt. If you encounter a situation which angers you, avoid escalating the situation further. If this situation occurs, please stop contact with this person and report the user if you feel it is necessary.

The English language lacks specific punctuation for denoting sarcasm or humour. Please be careful when making jokes or using sarcasm, the other person may not take it for the meaning that’s intended.

Please do not share your personal information too quickly. Many users sometimes share intimate personal information in order to develop a relationship further faster. Before doing this please always ask yourself whether you would be so open and candid if you were sitting across from this person on a train or in a pub.

When communicating with another member that you are not interested in having further contact with them, please do this with a short but polite message. This is considered the courteous thing to do in the world of online dating and avoids creating any resentment where the other user is waiting in vain for a reply which will never come.

Please treat all members messages you receive as confidential. It is against the Give Love A Second Chances website policy for you to disclose any details of other users without their express, written permission. Sharing private information regarding other users with third parties such as blogs, videos or interviews is strictly forbidden.

Please note that requesting sex through this website is strictly prohibited. Give Love A Second Chance is strictly a dating website. Requests for sex via web-cam, phone or chat also fall under this prohibited category and anybody caught doing this will have their account immediately disabled.

Violent, racist, politically extremist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise objectionable content that injures, offends, harms, or threatens other individuals or groups is not allowed. Anybody caught doing this may have their account immediately disabled.

All profiles on Give Love A Second Chance will be manually approved by our customer care team. We have inbuilt automated processes in place to eliminate spam, intrusive users and fake profiles. However, in the event that inappropriate content is not discovered immediately then we appreciate your help in maintaining the quality of the site by reporting anything you find objectionable on our site and we will look into it immediately.

Consequences for violating our above site policy items:

All content generated by members is checked by the administrators of the Give Love A Second Chance website and where necessary any violations of our guidelines or our terms and conditions for site usage will be punished accordingly. In the first instance a warning may be issued to the offending member, while for secondary or more serious offences accounts may be im mediately deactivated and if necessary further legal action.

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