Love can be better the
second time around

The best dating ideas for online dating in Melbourne

Give Love A Second Chance is an innovative online dating platform which allows mature individuals to connect with similar like-minded members. Our inbuilt matching algorithm functions seamlessly with our website to allow automated matches to be found using your predefined matching preferences. This allows us to identify the most relevant members to present to you in the hope of giving you the best possible chance at finding a special connection.

However, meeting another member online and conversing with them is only the first step along the way to developing an ongoing and lasting relationship. If your relationship is to become real then it will be necessary to progress beyond just the dating website, you will want to meet int the real world. Below we have provided you with some tips for some great dating ideas that reach beyond the online world.

Sea World

One option is the Holey Moley bar found in Melbourne’s central CBD. Here, you and your date can enjoy a light-hearted, fun-filled night of mini-golf. The golf course is incorporated directly within the bar. This provides us with the perfect opportunity to break through the ice and have an enjoyable night getting to know each other in a unique and fun environment, leaving a memorable mark on your date's memory.

Holey Moley

Alternatively, you may wish to explore Melbourne’s aquarium for a perfect setting of cute and lovely marine life to give a beautiful context for your date. Like Holey Moley, the Melbourne Aquarium offers an ideal environment to enjoy each others company in an exciting setting. Perfect for better understanding of each other.
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