Love can be better the
second time around

Creating Dating profiles

Give Love A Second Chance is Australia’s newest platform in which members can find like-minded individual to connect with. Our online dating application utilises dynamic technology which helps to identify members who match your partner criteria and have the potential to match to your interests, likes, and persona.

Creating Dating Profiles

Although our platform has inbuilt technology to help you find other potential matches for you, you should create the best possible profile of yourself to give members the best possible chance of seeing the real you. Thus we have written the this blog in order to help guide you on your way to creating an excellent profile that includes all the necessary components required to have an eye-catching profile for other members to view.

Dating Profile Tips and Tricks

The most crucial piece of advice we can give you is to be sincere and truthful in the way that you describe who you are. Most individuals are quite good at picking up on lies and deception in your profile or communications and will be wary of being caught out if you are to progress to a first date.

Secondly, you do not necessarily have to go into extreme detail and volume when writing about yourself. It may be beneficial to stick to a short and sweet depiction of yourself, as this generally is responded to best in comparison to a long-winded essay of information. Also, a short puinchy description that gets your message across quickly will keep a member’s interest rather than a long block of text which they may be hesitant to read.

Finally, you must present the best version of yourself to other members who viewing your profile. The easiest way to do this is by to including bright and well-lit photographs of yourself. These photographs should show off your face and more importantly, your smile. Members who are happy and smiling in their photographs tend to attract more members wishing to communicate with. If they sense that you are hiding some feature of yourself, they may be reluctant to converse with you.
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