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Message topics for online dating sites

When it comes to online dating, the key to success is effective communication with the members that you match with. Give Love A Second Chance understands how important this facet is in connecting you with that special member, and so have provided you with the below the following advise and suggestions as to relation to how best communicate within the members on the Give Love A Second Chance platform.

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Initially, we recommend browsing the profiles of members you are interested in and you would possibly like to connect with. This is a great way to obtain relevant topics for discussion when you connect to a member. For example, if the user member you have matched with includes references to food, then you could include your favourite cuisines of food in the discussion. Alternatively, you may want to think about your favourite restaurant destinations and keep this in store for when you are perhaps at the stage of asking to meet in real life.

Of course, it is not guaranteed that you will connect with any particular individual just because you reference topics they have included in their profile bio. But to have the best chance of having an effective conversation with a member we strongly suggest that you discuss topics which you are genuinely passionate about. This is because most people are good at knowing when people are putting on a façade or lacking authenticity in their communications. This means that it is important that when you raise topics for discussion that you only discuss things that you have some knowledge about as this will provide you with the best chance of success.
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