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Cannot physically date? Why not use these Facetime dating ideas!

Facetime First Dates with Give Love A Second Chance.

Give Love A Second Chance understands the distress that the new COVID-19 quarantine measures have taken on all of us. However, although self-isolation is in currently effect, there has never been a better time to partake in online dating.


While dating is currently not feasible in the current environment, after finding a member you match with a, there are still options available while allow you to progress to a first face-to-face date. Utilising the power of modern technology to bypass the quarantine obstacle, you can have the perfect first date using Facetime and enjoy an abundance of fun together.

Tips and Tricks – Give Love A Second Chance

To help you on your way to the perfect first date over Facetime, we have provided the following below tips and tricks: 1. Appearances matter – As with any first date encounter, you should dress to impress. Smart casual is usually a good bet as you come across as stylish without overdoing it.

2. Surroundings – Be sure to pay equal attention to the backdrop of your Facetime date as that of your appearance.

3. Illumination – When the time comes for the Facetime date to occur, you must have ample lighting that allows the room you are in to be seen in its entirety.

4. Maintain conversation – Throughout the Facetime date, you will want to keep up the dialogue between yourself and your date for as long as possible. While chatting, try to relax and be yourself with the conversation natural and free-flowing, not forced.

5. Avoid COVID-19 topics – People want a break from the self-isolation. Chat about happy and enjoyable issues other than the Corona outbreak.

If you keep the above points in mind, you are sure to be in for a memorable first date with your newfound date. Do not let the self-isolation of quarantine stop you from connecting with someone that captures your heart.

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