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Dashboard functions of Give Love A Second Chance

Give Love a Second Chance is one of the latest online mature dating sites to be released to the Australian market, providing the opportunity for Australian and international individuals to discover their ideal relationship.

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Using this new dating website we can provide our members with assistance in finding their perfect matches using the profile details supplied by you during the sign-up process. By applying a weighted score to your traits and those of the person you wish to meet, our sophisticated website matching algorithm uses this information to find and match you with similar and like-minded members who have the highest probability of being a suitable partner for you.

Dashboard Functionality.

In addition to this, we have other inbuilt site functionality which can assist you in finding your perfect match. Much of this functionality can be accessed directly through your members' dashboard.

Your personal members' dashboard within Give Love A Second Chance provides access to many of the site’s functions. These functions include items such as My Matches, which automatically shows members who match your predefined member criteria, My Profile, which provides access to view and edit your profile, Photos, which allow you to explorer other members photos and upload your own photos images, Search, which will enable you to perform new searches against member profiles and Blogs, which allows you to see and create blog items on the Give Love A Second Chance website.

The centre of your dashboard displays a currently active member list, along with members you have previously bookmarked and several quick links to provide quick access into the application. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, there are some useful items, including thumbnail images of your latest matches, an indication of your current credit limit and a quick search block which allow you to do members search directly from your dashboard.

Bookmark Section of Give Love A Second Chance.

Using the bookmarks section of the dashboard, you can create and maintain bookmarks of any members you are interested in finding. When you connect with a member that you may be interested in pursuing, select the bookmark function from the more menu at the top of their profile and they will then be in your bookmark section. Aside from your favourite users, your member dashboard also displays the number of available credits that you have in your account. These credits can be used to purchase and send gifts, winks, and other items to that perfect prospective member.

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If you are interested in discovering more about how Give Love A Second Chance can assist you in finding your dream partner then please follow this link and sign up join Give Love A Second Chance today and start looking for your perfect match.
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