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12 December 2019: How to set up your Perfect Dating Profile

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Give Love a Second Chance understands that it can be quite daunting setting up your dating profile. Especially, when you are a little older and are perhaps new to the emerging online dating scene. As such, we have confided with experts in the online dating world and have composed the following fail-proof set of requirements for setting up the perfect profile to find love:

1. Confide in your closest friends for assistance when writing your biography.

Often, your friends know you better than yourself and can add some valuable input for when you are filling out your personal details.

2. Be honest!

When creating your profile on Give Love a Second Chance, it is vital that you be authentic and genuine in your self-analysis.

Furthermore, our algorithm functions by weighting your personal appraisal across a variety of different characteristics. Consequentially, once you have completed your personal details our sophisticated compatibility system will match you will others who most closely suit you. Thus, if you want to give love the best possible chance always be true to yourself!

3. Ensure you are depicting yourself with correct syntax and grammar.

When potential partners are appraising your profile, you will be surprised by the significance your punctuation can carry in their first impression of you. Furthermore, if another user on Give Love A Second Chance is considering taking an interest in your profile, the level of professionalism and education you display through your language may be the defining feature that wins their attention.

4. Use numerous, bright and well-lit photography in your profile to capture your defining features and give other members an accurate impression of who you are.

Furthermore, Give Love a Second Chance attempts to streamline the match-making process by making it as easy as possible for compatible individuals to meet. However, if you do not give your potential partner the opportunity to see a variety of photos that show off your interests and character you may miss out! In summary, when you have decided you want to give love a second chance, be sure to follow the above guiding principles to give yourself the best possible chance at finding your dream partner.

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