Love can be better the
second time around

Creating the perfect photo collection

Give Love a Second Chance is a new Australian based platform entering the rapidly growing online dating world. Incorporating a unique matching technology and a quality interface, this website is designed to assist individuals to give love a second chance.

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Furthermore, when you sign up as a member to the Give Love a Second Chance website you are not simply signing up to a dating service, you are giving yourself the opportunity to create a special connection to another person. Due to Give Love a Second Chance’s unique matchmaking system which identifies other members who have the most potential of connecting with you, it is important that you not only provide a complete and honest profile but also provide clear and honest photographs of yourself.

Finding a suitable match is only the first step on your path to finding love. Once connected the initial and natural desire for both you and your potential match to do is to view the photographs that each of you have posted on your profiles. With this in mind, this blog will summarise the importance of having quality photographs and how you can master this highly important aspect of your dating profile.

Firstly, Give Love a Second Chance would like to stress the importance of using brightly illuminated photos with minimal glare and which are of high quality, thus enabling you to come across to other members as open and with not attempting to hide or disguise yourself. By providing clear, and high-quality photographs, you are giving other members the impression of being open and genuine. Just remember to smile in your photographs as this is considered to be an important indicator for a suitable partner.

What’s more, Give Love a Second Chance also suggests that you include photos that show off your lifestyle and the activities you enjoy doing. For example, if you enjoy the outdoors, then perhaps include some photographs of you hiking or bushwalking. Perhaps your ideal date is at the beach, then make sure to have beach related content and photographs in your profile! Remember, you are showcasing your lifestyle through imagery so that a potential partner can evaluate who you are as a person.

Give Love a Second Chance also provides additional functionality for managing your photographs. This includes the ability to create multiple named photograph albums, thus allowing you to sort and group your photographs in multiple ways. You can even set the privacy level of each of your photo albums. Your options include Public, All Friends, Individual Friends or Password Protected. You can find the Photo Album section on the Give Love A Second Chance website under Photos and then My Photos within our personal profile.

So why wait, join Give Love A Second Chance today and start looking for your perfect match.
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