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Help Save Australia's Wildlife

To all our Facebook and other followers the staff of Give Love A Second Chance ask that you please assist in helping our Australian animals survive the devastating fires that are currently burning in Australia. While many wonderful contributions have been made to societies to aid those in need Give Love A Second Chance would like to ask that you please consider donating money to an animal society or help by adopting an animal in need.

As Give Love A Second Chance is a completely Australian company based in Melbourne we are particularly close to our Australian animals. As such are asking that you please donate as much as possible or even consider adopting one of the animals to save these precious lives.

The following links connect you to several different animal welfare sites on the internet. Please go to these sites today and see how you can help!

1. Bush Heritage - Echidna

2. Koala Hospital


4. Kangaroo protection

5. Kangaroo island

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