Love can be better the
second time around

Understanding when to go on the first date

Give Love a Second Chance is Australia’s game-changing dating service, helping everyone find love again.

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As such, we have made it as convenient and streamlined as possible from the point of joining to matching you with suitable website members. Simply fill out a couple of screens with your details and your matching preferences, and our sophisticated weighted matching system will deliver relevant matches directly to you.

However, although you can trust you will encounter meet high potential members, to progress to a real-life date is not to be rushed. Below we have detailed provided some handy guidelines in regard to what we consider to be the safest process to follow when meeting people online.

Firstly, do not be overly eager to meet in person before the time is right! Members will want to connect with you on a personal level where they can gain trust in you before they agree to meet you in person. If you attempt to rush the meeting process before trust is established you may find your potential date feeling suspicious of your motives and level of sincerity.

Conversely, it is good to develop a healthy and insightful rapport where you begin to feel connected to another person before requesting a real-life date. In this way, you have established that you are interested in pursuing a relationship with this individual and are interested in their personality, instead of risking being perceived as having alternate motives that are not genuine.

Following this, it is important to review the member carefully to ensure that the member is, in fact, the individual they portray themselves as being. Carefully look at their photos and personal details. If there are inconsistencies between what they have written and their photographs ed compared to your conversation, then you can safely assume believe that they are simply putting on a façade to gain your acceptance.

In summary, before meeting somebody for that first date be sure to develop a healthy online repour with them where there are common interests and clear and honest conversations. Also, trust what is being presented to you by this individual.

If you feel these requirements have been satisfied, then chose a public setting for your first date and give yourself a chance at finding love again! So why wait, join Give Love A Second Chance today and start looking for your perfect match.
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